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Essential Sales Skills Training

Open/Scheduled Courses

(2 day course) - London - 19th & 20th June 2012

Course Description

NOTE: All AER Training courses are tailored to meet specific training requirements so the following sample outline is for example purposes only.

The 'Essential Sales Skills Workshop' is a 2 Day practical course designed to provide delegates with proven techniques and strategies to help them in their sales roles. It is designed to boost the performance of both new and experienced sales professionals who are involved in day to day proactive selling roles.

The course looks at planning; how delegates can make the optimum use of their time via effective time and territory management, the sales process itself and, the key selling skills of building and maintaining customer relationships, questioning & listening, effective sales presentations and negotiation & closing techniques.

This course provides a practical and relevant approach to selling and is designed to be comprehensive, motivational, highly interactive and fun.

Who does the course suit?

New and experienced sales professionals, involved in proactively selling products or services, who are looking to improve or consolidate their sales skills & techniques.

What will delegates gain from the course?

  • Techniques for effective activity planning and management of their time & territory
  • A clear understanding of the Sales Process
  • Techniques for Approaching the Customer and Building, as well as Maintaining, Customer Relationships
  • Effective communication skills, questioning & listening techniques and how to successfully identify customer’s need & meet those needs
  • Confidence in generating sales within their own work situations
  • Successful Closing & Negotiation Skills, used in negotiation to a satisfactory close
  • Techniques for overcoming common customer objections and winning the sale
  • Key Selling Skills, using the  techniques covered during the course

Course Outline

Day 1

9.30 - 10.00 Coffee, Welcome, Introductions & Course Objectives

The Sales Process
(A brief delegate exercise looking at how the sales process works).

13.00 - 13.45 Lunch Break

(Delegate exercise)

Goal and target setting
Campaign and call planning
Time management - Prioritising and Planning*
Maximising time in front of customers - territory management

Developing your sales skills
('The how' of successful selling with delegate exercises)

Approaching customers and building customer relationships
Effective communication skills and building rapport

Day 2

Developing your sales skills (continued)
The importance of effective questioning and listening in sales
Techniques to successfully identify customer's needs and match those needs

The sales appointment
Structuring the sale (delegate exercise)
Effective sales presentation techniques
Advancing the sale - measuring progress in the sale

Overcoming sales resistance and handling objections effectively

Effective closing and negotiation techniques

Next steps, keeping the door open, record keeping and prospect tracking

Putting it into practice
(Delegate exercise to practice key selling skiills)

16.30 - 16.45 Workshop summary, review of key learning, personal action plans and close.

* Delegates attending the course are required to keep a time log for 2 or 3 days in advance of the workshop for use during the workshop.

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